Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yey, UFC 102 is hours away!

Yeah, UFC 102 will start in very few hours!

I am a little bit sleepy after watching Spiderman (1). But I really really think I need to watch UFC 102 live.

Let's all watch UFC 102. Woot!

Friday, August 28, 2009

UFC 102 Fight Video and Replay

UFC 102 Live Stream will start a few hours from now and we're so excited to tell you that this will be a very unique and exciting episode, specially with the return of Randy Couture. He's one of the best UFC fighters in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and I really really want to see him fight this August 29, 2009. I can't wait what will be the outcome of UFC 102 and I can't wait to watch it right now!

We all know that everyone is so excited and can't wait to watch this awesome UFC episode. So stay put, relax and see what is in store for us as we watch UFC 102 Live Stream online!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Multiply or Facebook?

Pagod na ako sa kaka pili. Multiply or Facebook? Facebook nalang. :D Pero astig din ang Multiply kasi malaki ang online storage ng MP3, Videos and Pictures. Sa facebook, hindi ka pwede mag upload ng MP3 and Videos. Kaya gagamitin ko parin ang Multiply ko paminsan minsan.

So if papa piliin ako ng Facebook or Multiply ang sagot ko ay... Both! :) Wooot!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

UFC 101 sa Pilipinas!

UFC 101 Live Stream is very well known in the Philippines! All UFC fans around the world can’t wait to watch it! I hope my live streaming sites will work and will not lag while I’m watching UFC 101, specially in the main event. The match between BJ Penn and Froilan, and also the match between Silva and Griffin are the highlights of this event. Everybody is excited and can’t sleep because the verdict is near to come! UFC 101 Live Stream will soon begin!

If you want to watch UFC 101 Live Stream, I have a list of websites here. Good luck to everyone! Good luck also to all UFC fighters! May the best man win!