Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Champion Vs The Undefeated

This 27th of December 2008 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. U.S.A., a great event will take place! Two of the best UFC fighters will face each other in this bout. This is dubbed as the last ultimate battle this year 2008. The last war between to fighting gods: "The Defending Champion" Forrest Griffin and "The Undefeated" Rashad Evans. Let's just watch UFC 92 Live online and be a amazed!

From the name itself, it depicts that this will be a very exciting match. A match that will complete your life. A match more than the dream match. The greatest battle between two of the world's greatest fighters! Who's your bet? Forrest Griffin or Rashad Evans? Let's all watch UFC 92 Live Online free and witness this prestigious phenomenon. Let's watch this together with our friends, family and love ones. The fight of all fights. The greatest fight of the century. The Ultimate Fighting Championshiop 92! Witness the unbearable! Face the impossible! Naks! Pataka lang kong sulat dah! :)

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