Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A lot loves Twilight and lot hates Twilight

People loves Twilight at the same time people hates Twilight. Many fanatics wants to watch twilight online free. Others wants to watch it on big screens, whereas others don't want to watch it at all. Many are disappointed because of what they had read in the book was not shown in the movie. Critics doesn't love Twilight, but die-hard Twilight fans support Twilight even if the movie sucks. As for me, the movie was OK. It didn't suck, and it didn't rock. It was just fine. Just a typical immortal and mortal love story. A proximity of a vampire and a human being is a common fairy tale, but this one is a bit unique. Why? I really don't know why. I just assumed that this one is different because of how it ruled the box office world wide! This is just wow. Maybe because of the best selling book by the best selling author, that was why a lot got interested to watch this film. If you haven't seen it yet, why not watch twilight movie online for free?

That's all for my Twilight post. As for me, I love Twilight because I haven't read the book. Even if I did, I think I'll still love it. Because I appreciate each and every movie that I have seen. Yay!

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